Judge  Joseph E. Lambert
Chief Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court

​Retired 1998-2008

Cory Baker


16' X 20' Oil on canvas / 1992 Hyatt Regency Lexington, KY

Sir Thomas More

24" x 30" Oil on Canvas 2010 / original painting 1500 (?)

​​Judge Daniel J. Venters
Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court
Retired  2008-2018

April Corman

The story behind Bill Smith's portrait

is on the REVIEWS page.

The Lotus Lilies  Charles Courtney Curran 1888

I have recreated this image twice.  The first time in pastels 2005 and the second in oils 2010.

Sir Alfred Munnings

Three of many studies made by copying Munnings masterpieces - Oil on Canvas 16" x 20" painted around 2007

Black Andalusian 

4' x 5' Oil on Canvas 2010 / painted from photo / Photographer unknown

Nathan Baker


Featured at the Egyptian Arabian Event / Private Collection Bill Justice Real Estate

5' X 14' Oil on Canvas / Painted in 1998

Nancy Jo Kemper

"I love the portrait that Steve Sawyer painted of me.  

The likeness is incredibly true

and all who see it admire it."

Rev. Bill McDonald

"The most common phrase I hear from people viewing Steve Sawyer's portrait of me is,

'He got you, he really got you.'

 What they mean is that not only my facial features are revealed in his painting, but my nature and personality as well.  I don't know how Steve does that, but I am so grateful that he can."


Dr. Bill Smith 

Verdis Norton 
former CEO of 
Kraft foods & 
Hobart International.

"How can we ever express

our deep appreciation to you

for the beautiful painting...

It is simply incredible."