The Portrait of Dr. Bill Smith

by Stephen Sawyer

The snowflake is from Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work. This snowflake is water frozen after being infused with thoughts of “Love and Gratitude”.  I asked Bill over the phone what would be most important for him as a doctor to have imprinted into his portrait and he said, “Love and Compassion”.

The perimeter of the snowflake has the hexagonal identifiers of Thymine which is one of the major component bases of DNA. During that same phone call I asked Bill which was more important for healing, RNA or DNA. He immediately replied DNA.

The hand over Bill’s heart is based on the ‘red hand stencil’ from the Chauvet cave.  I chose this ancient image as my way to impart the “laying on of hands”.

The dark hand by my signature is the shadow of a frog’s hand. God has provided many clues shrouded in beautiful mysteries. One is metamorphosis. This can be experienced when contemplating that there is nothing scientifically within the caterpillar which predicts its ultimate transformative existence into a butterfly or within the tadpole which becomes a frog. Likewise, who we are, holds no scientific clues as to who we will become when divested of this human vehicle. 

The symbol on the upper left of Bill’s head is a three dimensional creation I made using the negative space of the Crown Chakra. 

Directly above Bill’s head is a composite image of 432 Hz and the ancient Hindu symbol for Om. There is a direct relationship between these and a great similarity visually.  The interesting information in footnote is about the actual image of Om. Herein is a complete description of the different aspects of the image including the purpose and meaning of the ‘dot’. This is something Bill experienced repeatedly during his years as a martial artist. The ‘dot’ represents the existence of the “no mind”.

The background behind Bill’s office chair, where all of us have spent much time relaxing as we are exhorted into better living and health by Bill, is a composite of the microcosm and the macrocosm. The shadow outline of trees, bottom right, against a moonlit sky, upper right, combined with the diagonal expanse of a tiny portion of our vast universe are just a simple way of being behind the microscope and telescope simultaneously.

My painting of Bill is in honor of a normal man becoming great because he is dedicated to doing great things in service to others.