Stephen Sawyer

"The experience of creating a portrait of another human being is a lot like falling in love." 

"After many years of painting and drawing portraits I have heard most every possible accolade artists use to describe themselves in order to be commissioned.  I have watched folks choose their artist for many different reasons.


Some artists seek fame, fortune, or both.  I have listened to agents, managers, and gallery spokespersons  tell their unique stories about why some artist is the next star.  Frankly, the race is often superficial...with no one to blame though...sometimes we just try to give the public what we think they want and in doing so forget who we are and why we held our crayons a little bit better and a little bit tighter than others.

I too have dropped names, disclosed very pricey commissions, and tried to be the star.  But that mostly feels like a hollow performance.  

What I discovered is this, I have a real passion to know something special about those for whom I create a likeness.  Looking back over the years

it has become clear that, in the big picture, art has given me an excellent opportunity to love and serve others with the talent I was freely given and have diligently developed.

This is what I do and this is who I am.